ShinobiSpotlight – RunGap

Written by Colin Eberhardt

At ShinobiControls we love seeing the applications our customers have created using our components and are constantly surprised at the broad range of applications that have benefitted from them. In this instalment of our ‘ShinobiSpotlight’ series we’ll take a look at RunGap, a running app which allows you to collect activities from a number of sources in order to keep your training history all in one place.

RunGap is available on the App Store.

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As someone who enjoys running, RunGap is an application that I have both a personal and a professional interest in. I chatted with the author of this app, Kristian Ottosen, to find out a little more about his motivations for this application and his plans for the future. Interestingly I discovered that next month we are both running different marathons on the same day, Kielder Marathon for myself and the Budapest Marathon for Kristian!

There are quite a few running applications in the App Store, and people often change apps as their tastes and requirements change. It was this that motivated Kristian to create an application that interfaces with a range of other running services (Garmin, RunKepper, MapMyFitness and more) and pull their data together into a single place. This allows users to take ownership of their data, and move between services whilst still maintaining their complete training history.

To use RunGap you simply enter your credentials for the various running services you use, and it fetches your data in the background. Whilst RunGap is designed to be easy to use and simple, it does have a few advanced and unique features. I especially like the way it automatically matches similar routes, so that you can compare your performance over multiple runs.


RunGap uses ShinobiCharts to plot run metrics including pace, elevation, heart rate and cadence (this is a measure of the number of foot-falls per minute – for you non-runners out there!). The charts are presented full screen, with the pinch and pan interactions that come as standard allowing the user to explore their running data.


Kristian has received a lot of positive feedback and suggestions for new features, and I wish him luck with the future releases of RunGap.

I’ll definitely use RunGap to analyse my performance at Kielder Marathon next month. A 26 mile race generates a lot of running data, but with ShinobiControls powering RunGap, I’m sure it will cope!

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Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for big news next week!

Regards, Colin E.