ShinobiSpotlight – Server Density

Written by Colin Eberhardt

At ShinobiControls we love seeing the applications our customers have created using our components and are constantly surprised at the broad range of apps that have benefitted from them. In this instalment of our ‘ShinobiSpotlight’ series we’ll take a look at Server Density, an application for remote monitoring of servers.


Server Density is a UK-based company that started in early 2009. They offer a set of tools for monitoring server performance and providing alerts when issues arise. People who are responsible for the running of servers are rarely at their desks, spending much of their time knee deep in cabling and hiding out in the deep dark corners of server rooms.  These guys will surely love a mobile application!

The Server Density iPad and iPhone applications provide sys-admins with a wealth of information on each of their servers. From the simple interface they can select metrics of interest, including CPU stats, disk usage, network traffic and more, with their selection being plotted on a number of charts.


The developers behind this application looked at a number of charting solutions before settling on ShinobiCharts. You can read more about their decision process on their blog. They have also invested a lot of time in styling and customising the charts, and have even implemented their own gestures and a custom crosshair.


I’d certainly encourage you to download their app from the App Store and give it a try.

Finally, if you have built an app that you’d like to see highlighted here, please get in touch (@ShinobiControls).

Regards, Colin E.