ShinobiSpotlight – Wahoo Wellness

Written by Colin Eberhardt

I first met the Wahoo iOS development team at WWDC earlier this year – a group of lively Australians full of ideas for apps that integrate with the Wahoo Fitness hardware products. I was very pleased when I received an email from them today announcing the release of their latest app, Wahoo Wellness. I’m a big fan of fitness apps, having previously written a ‘spotlight’ post on the RunGap running app, so I immediately downloaded Wahoo Wellness and took it for a spin …

Wahoo Wellness is a free iPhone application that tracks weight-loss and allows you to set goals. One of the best features of this application is that it integrates with the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale, through Bluetooth connectivity, so that your daily weight can be recorded quickly and easily.


The application supports multiple users, who can each set goals, and record their weight-loss history. There is also the option to record using metric or imperial units.

A great motivational feature of the application is the charts which show how your weight has (hopefully!) fallen over time. This uses an interactive ShinobiChart, which has been styled to match the ‘light and breezy’ colour scheme of the application:


The chart also includes a horizontal line annotation to illustrate your goal weight.

I’d definitely recommend giving Wahoo Wellness a try, with Christmas coming up, now is the perfect time to start tracking your weight!