ShinobiSuite 2.7 for iOS and a little bit of iOS 8

Written by Stuart Grey

We get lots of useful feedback from you all, and often this is about what you think ShinobiControls can do for you. We do listen, and just to prove it, our latest release is all about features that have been top requests.

We’re also hard at work on a few of our own ideas too. One of which (ShinobiCalendar) is proving incredibly popular. But back to the suite and for this release we’ve focused on two particular ShinobiCharts upgrades that have been heavily requested: individual point styling and discontinuous line series.


With the introduction of individual point styling, all series types support selection of individual points. But it goes much further than that, as usual we’ve provided you with full control through the API allowing you to configure every single point in any way you like! Want to mark the column at todays date red? Check. Want your bar color to match the colors of the rainbow? Check. It’s all there – and it’ll even be explained step by step in a blog post soon! In the meantime, take a look at styleForPoint: on each series class for more info.



Discontinuous line series allow you to have gaps in your continuous data. You can pass in nil values for points that will break the line, with it continuing as soon as you data does! Really useful for some of those awkward partial data sets. Wherever you pass in a nil value the line will terminate, try setting one of the yValues to nil in our Getting Started guide.





We’ve had a good look at the new offering from Apple in it’s beta form and begun prepping our controls. Along with the main ShinobiSuite 2.7 release, will be a beta version supporting iOS8. It includes a getting started guide written in Swift for each control and begins the journey towards making ShinobiControls fully compatible with iOS8 for the fall release. If you’re a Care Plus or Enterpirse customer you can find it in our portal for download as 2.7.0-iOS8beta1

As you can see we’ve been hard at work making our controls work for you, so do keep that feedback coming! And look out for some more exciting announcements over the summer.