Some new releases coming your way!

Written by Jesse Beaumont

The team have been working hard on some new goodies and it’s time to let you know about them. 

ShinobiCharts Update

The first thing to tell you about is a new minor release of ShinobiCharts (v2.0.7). 

Normally we don’t blog about minor releases like this because they tend to focus on a couple of specific bug fixes but in this case I thought it would be worth making an exception because we’ve done a little more this time.  Next to the usual minor bug fixes and feature improvements we managed to greatly improve the performance of the charts at load time.  For an indication of the sorts of improvement you can expect, have a look at the following graph for a line series:


As you can see, the new release is up to 4 times faster than previously.  That’s a lot of time!

In addition to the performance wins, we have also done some polishing on the axis, in particular around the tick mark selection algorithms which hopefully will provide a much improved end user experience now.  Best of all, if you purchased the support and maintenance option with your charts purchase, you get it for free!  Just get in touch with us at or via our contact form, quote your support key and we’ll send the release right along.

ShinobiControls gets friendly with MonoTouch

monotouch-logoWe’re not done though because we’re also launching an open beta for our brand new MonoTouch bindings.  If you’re into MonoTouch (and judging by the number of requests for these bindings we’ve had, there’s quite a few of you out there) we’d love for you to grab a copy of the bindings and give them a spin.  Let us know what you think and just as importantly let us know if you have any problems with them!  Enough chit chat – grab your copy of the beta from here.

As ever, if you have questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear them.  We’re off to work on some brand spanking new features for Charts and Grids now and to continue development of our next components – ShinobiEssentials, but more on that another time…

All the best,