Tech Evangelist who made iOS simple is recognised at SPARKies 2014 awards

Written by shinobicharts

These awards highlight the role of leading people, products and companies that make up the tech industry across the West Country, and the effect they have played in contributing nearly £5bn to the national economy.

“It’s an honour to be recognised with a SPARKie award – and my thanks go out to the judges for their time and effort,” said Sam Davies. “As a Technical Evangelist, I’ve worked extensively with iOS and Android over the past year – publishing a popular blog series about iOS8 and writing several chapters in Ray Wenderlich’s iOS8 By Tutorials book. It feels great to be recognised for this work, along with the talks and workshops I’ve presented at various conferences, both in the UK and further afield. The sheer diversity of awards highlights the creativity of the region and it is a real privilege to be involved.”

The judges searched for developers with excellent technical abilities, with proven results in creative problem solving and who are naturally collaborative and communicative

“Sam scored highly on all of the areas: of specific note are both his prolific contributions to open-source projects and his talks and presentations both in Bristol and internationally!”said the SPARKies Judges.

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