The Development of “Data Rich” Mobile Apps explodes throughout 2012 into 2013

Written by David Pinches

Significant growth in business orientated projects with over 50% developed in-house: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare and IT/Telecoms sectors lead the way

Research across hundreds of mobile app developers worldwide has identified a major growth in application projects, where data management and presentation is at the heart of the required functionality.

The flash analysis across nearly 400 developers initiating projects in 2012 and 2013 has been carried out by mobile app component provider ShinobiControls. It found that the project start-up rate was accelerating throughout the year with nearly 8 times as many projects being started in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the beginning of 2012.

Interestingly the analysis also found that 54% of such projects were being developed within a business or organization and the balance (46%) being delivered by IT consultants, app development companies and new media agencies, usually on behalf of larger corporations.

Financial Services is the largest sector where organizations develop their own apps with 25% of the overall share.  Other sectors which are prominent include:

  • Manufacturing and Engineering at 19%
  • Healthcare at 11%
  • IT and Telecoms at 11%

We are seeing significant developer resources being engaged in these projects worldwide. Through contact with the mobile app developer community we serve, we see an increasing demand for high quality, sophisticated apps, be it financial trading solutions, IT infrastructure monitoring apps  or mobile phone and tablet apps being developed for healthcare professionals.


Shinobicharts For Ios


The growth is global, with North America leading the way where 43% of developers surveyed were working on data rich apps. Other significant geographies were

  • Mainland Europe at 21%, including Germany leading the pack at 7%
  • The UK and Asia Pacific each with 10%
  • Scandinavia and South America each with 6%

The challenge here is, to deliver sophisticated apps which require specialist skills in the core development disciplines of analysis, specification, design, development and testing, with additional emphasis on data integration expertise and highly interactive user experience (UX) implementation.

Many organizations do not have these skill sets available in-house and look externally for high quality, experienced resources to deliver a complete project or complement an existing team. As a result, ShinobiControls is launching a consulting and development service, called ShinobiSolutions, to address this emerging market.


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