The Weekly Digest – Week 43/15

Written by Matthew Jones

In our weekly digest, we’ll look to summarize some of stories from the past week you may have missed.

iOS9 Adoption Rates, 6 Weeks In

This week, Apple announced 61% of devices are already running iOS9, 30% are running iOS8 and only 9% are running iOS7 or earlier. Compare these figures to Android, as I have done below, and the difference is truly remarkable.

iOS Fragmentation Android fragmentation

Apple must be pretty chuffed with themselves, and rightly so. They’ve managed to create excitement about their software updates, and the main competition (Android) is lagging behind, stuck with a roll-out model that it’s struggling to change.  

– Matt

Apple News launches in the UK

Apple’s news curation app has landed alongside the iOS 9.1 update. Stripped out of the initial release so that deals could be struck with the major news outlets, Apple News looks to pull the rug out from under Flipboard, Pulse and other popular news aggregation apps.

The principle difference for users will be that the news providing third parties who populate content will have to adopt Apple’s design principles for delivering their content.

Early criticism over the relative complexity of set-up and the colour scheme seems to be tempered when readers actually get to consume content.

– Michael

Why Mobile will win First in VR

Linked-In contributor Chris Fralic recently wrote an interesting analysis of immediate future VR adoption. Virtual Reality should be towards the top of your emerging tech shopping list.

Fralic’s argument pivots around the ubiquity of Smartphones and the relatively inexpensive cost for adoption. Smartphone Virtual Reality is somewhat limited, but much of the core experience remains the same, some of the headsets like Gear VR offering superior head tracking. Small scale VR experiences, powered by mobile devices, are likely to be the first introduction to this new technology landscape for many.

Regardless of where we are in the short term, VR and mobile can in the long term be considered part of the same paradigm. User focused experiences that eliminate the desktop, and offer device centric functionalities that are impossible in legacy technology are driving world change, in a way that is kind of frightening when you sit back and assess the actual speed of change.

– Michael