The Weekly Digest – Week 5/16

Written by shinobicharts

In our weekly digest, we’ll look to summarize some of stories from the past week you may have missed.

Apple looks to VR

In a move that is set to shock and stun absolutely no one, rumors are starting to gather pace around Apple’s secret VR (Virtual Reality) research team.

What’s VR got to do with this? Well, VR is in many ways an offshoot of mobile, both hardware and software wise. Most of the parts necessary to create a powerful VR effect are currently sourced from the same vendors as those who produce for Smartphone or Tablet manufacturing.

VR is going to be huge, and Apple are surprisingly late to the game. Oculus and Samsung already have their own collaborative VR Headset, which uses Samsung Phones as a computer and a display. Apple would join their other smartphone rivals Sony, Samsung and HTC but iOS and their usual knack for user centric design could give them an edge in the Mobile branch of VR.

– Michael

Europe’s first iOS Development center opens

Apple announced the opening of their first European app development center last week. It’ll be based in Italy, with the aim of inspiring entrepreneurship within students who are keen to develop apps, but more importantly giving teachers material so they can teach.  

In previous weekly digests we’ve spoken before about the digital skills gap. I don’t believe that  inspiring people is the problem, everyone you speak to has an idea for an app which is where a lot of the focus has been in the past. It’s great to see the likes of Apple address the need to provide materials and a curriculum to teachers so that students will have the skills, not just the idea.

– Matt

Looking forward

Blue Monday is out of the way and, hopefully, thoughts now turn to what this year can really offer us. After a fairly flat 2015 with iOS 9 hype low and an iteration in the land of the iPhone, it’s time to start getting excited again. We’re in a “new form factor year” – can Apple bring some revolution when we’re seeing lots of evolution.

For some reason, we’re holding out a lot of hope for iOS 10. Just because it’s the number 10. We think we’re overdue a jaw-dropping keynote where we just can’t turn away. And we’d like something big to get our Day By Day teeth into!

Here hoping for 2016

– Stu