The Weekly Digest – Week 42/15

Written by Matthew Jones

In our weekly digest, we’ll look to summarize some of stories from the past week you may have missed.

iPADs in Japan

While China continues to eat up most of the major Asian Enterprise Mobile headlines, Appleinsider ran a very interesting story about the accelerated take up of iPad within the Japanese Enterprise space

Japan is a curious market, both for Enterprise software and Mobile. While Japan arguably had a far earlier smartphone boom on the consumer side, it still struggles with adopting Western-style Enterprise mobility. Historically, Japanese business has been super-security conscious. In conversations I’ve had with Japanese component vendors, trust seems to be placed in legacy systems going as far back as Windows XP based architecture. The government itself still uses DOS. The floppy disk is still widely used for the storing of important documentation.

There’s a great deal of levity placed upon major businesses’ offerings, so it’s not much of a surprise to see that IBM’s Mobile First initiative is turning heads. The report covers those in the architecture and design space but there’s a good chance that much of the content is true of many parts of Japanese businesses’ Enterprise mobile strategy. It’s a fairly similar pattern to the west, too- many businesses wanted to go Android first, but those plans have switched to iOS before they really got off the ground.

– Michael

Bridging the skills gap

It’s been widely reported in the UK this week that a skills gaps is threatening to isolate sections of the population – in much the same way that literacy did in the early 20th century. The majority of the ideas presented on reducing this gap focused on availability of hardware and services. While fundamentally important, the process doesn’t stop there. App developers need to be acutely aware of the wide variance in experience of their users, making sure that they carefully craft usability.

We see this issue regularly at a different level, where there is a “skills gap” in the ability of different users to interpret and meaningfully understand data. Again it falls to the app designers and developers to understand this variance in “ability” and present meaningful and targeted data visualizations. We understand that it’s not an easy job, and we’re working hard to make sure the best tools are available to assist development teams. If we can’t close the gap, we can at least help to bridge it.

– Stu

AppStore revenue 80% higher than Play Store

Last week, AppAnnie’s latest report albeit confirmed developers need to have their app in the Apple App Store, should they ever want to make money.

Whilst Google’s Play Store experienced 90% more downloads, the App Store triumphed when it came to revenue generated from Apps; 80% higher than that of the play store. This despite our own research last year showing Android apps are, on average, pricier.

The takeaway? Your iOS app will make more money, but your Android app will have more downloads

The full report is an interesting read, and is available on their website

– Matt