Turn drab data into sexy charts

Written by Jesse Beaumont

March 1, 2012 – Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK – ShinobiControls

(www.shinobicontrols.com) is set to create a storm in the app marketplace as it unveils its latest product, ShinobiCharts.

ShinobiCharts is the fastest and most powerful component in the market and offers the perfect solution for developers and other iOS users wanting to display data in the easily digestible form of graphs and charts.

The high-performing product hands developers the power to transform the simplest to the most complex datasets into a variety of stunning charts that can easily be embedded into iOS apps. Inspired by Apple iOS Controls, ShinobiCharts’ API is purpose-built to make it easy for developers to manage and control as well as integrate into existing apps.

The product was built with the end-user in mind and getting started is simple. All users need is two lines of code and a data source to start creating super-slick charts with a range of innovative features that look great on both the iPad and iPhone.

Individuality and flexibility are also key components to the powerful platform and ShinobiCharts is wholly customizable, meaning developers can put their own stamp on the product by tailor-making their own brand and style.

With high-performance and the ability to handle more than 200,000 data points in real time, users can smoothly switch from feeding the simplest data to the most complex at the click of a button, as well as change how to display data by selecting one of the eight chart types, which include columns, pies, donuts and histograms.

ShinobiCharts also provides an enhanced user experience that is highly functional, interactive and offers a range of comprehensive features to compliment charts, including zoom, pan, multi-touch gestures, and in-chart highlight options.

A series of sample charts showcasing ShinobiCharts detailed features are included in the purchase package.

An additional option for clients is access to the team of dedicated iOS developers, who are on hand to offer high-end support, with a one business day turnaround guaranteed.

Jesse Beaumont, of ShinobiControls, said: “We want to create controls to help developers bring that next level of application complexity and user engagement to the iOS platform without having to reinvent the wheel every time and with a support infrastructure that gives enterprises the confidence to take that leap.

“In our mind, the great draw of the iOS platform is the slick look and the tactility of the interface, which puts the user directly in touch, literally, with the application’s functionality, so that’s where we’re focusing our attention, while maintaining a simple API and giving the developers the support they need to get going.” 

ShinobiCharts has already started to create a buzz in the industry, which is set to continue into the future with multiple control releases planned, including the launch of data grids and other ground-breaking components.

Mike Fenney, director of Appsterisk Ltd, said: “This API should be in the toolkit of every serious app developer. The extensibility, and features for a first release are outstanding. 

“Creating charts that look this good used to be a lot of work and now they can just be dropped into an app in record time, leaving us to focus on the core functionality.” 

Felipe L. Marsetti, of Banana Split Games, added: “By far the best third party API I’ve ever used. With an incredible level of polish and attention to detail, ShinobiCharts is so easy to use that it feels like it’s part of the iOS SDK.” 

Give data a push in the right direction with ShinobiCharts. 

To take a product tour, sample a free 30-day trial or find out more information about ShinobiCharts, visit www.shinobicontrols.com.

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