WWDC and the ShinobiControls Giveaway

Written by Jesse Beaumont

In a couple of weeks’ time the Apple developer community will turn its attention to San Francisco for the biggest event of the year, the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). For one week the thousands of developers lucky enough to have grabbed a ticket, which this year sold out in just two hours, will descend on the Bay Area to hear about what’s new in the world of iOS and Mac development. Rumours abound of Mountain Lion, mini-iPads, Retina Macs and iOS6. Whether there is any truth in these rumours probably doesn’t matter to the developers in attendance. These crazy folk are happy to queue from midnight to seize a good seat for the all-important keynote on Monday morning! The one thing that is certain is … WWDC is going to be BIG!

ShinobiControls is all about developers; we’re here to make your life easier, and your applications awesome. ShinobiControls’ very own Colin Eberhardt will be at WWDC, queuing for the keynote, attending the parties (although as a vegetarian he might give the ‘Night of Meat’ a miss!) and meeting as many developers as possible. Colin will be armed with a suitcase full of 20% discount cards, so come and say “hello” and grab yourself a bargain (Colin can be contacted via the @ShinobiControls twitter account).



ShinobiControls Giveaway

At WWDC we are going to giveaway three copies of the Shinobi Controls Bundle (which includes charts and grids). Furthermore, these three lucky winners will also be the first people to own ShinobiEssentials, a comprehensive set of UI components which we plan to release in 3 months’ time.

So how do you win this prize? It couldn’t be easier! Just find Colin at WWDC and tell him what you would like to use ShinobiControls for. If you have an application under development, or just an idea in your head, and have a need for some awesome UI components, just tell us what you need. Simple!

See you all at WWDC.