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$4,950 per year$413 per month


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Pricing $1,495 per year$125 per month $4,950 per year$413 per month $4,950 per year$413 per month $
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Number of developer licences Per developer Up to 5 developers Unlimited Developers for 3rd party apps Unlimited developers, across business units and locationss
Product updates, bug fixes and tutorial materials
One-to-One developer support Response within 72 hours Response within 48 hours Response within 48 hours Response within 24 hours
Integration support Within 1 day Within 1 day Within 2 days
Contribute to innovation roadmap
Early access to new features
Flexible licensing agreements
Source code and escrow options
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How does the licensing work for shinobicontrols?

shinobicontrols licenses are purchased on a per-developer basis. You will need one license for every developer who will be working on the controls. There are no additional costs for distributing your finished application.

You can continue using shinobicontrols products so long as you have a subscription. If you cancel the subscription, any shinobicontrols product must be removed from your application.

You are permitted to use your developer license for multiple commercial projects, providing you are submitting these yourself to the app store. However, if you are transferring the IPR for your apps to your clients you will need to transfer the subscription as well (which stands to reason as otherwise your clients won’t have the legal means to compile the app).

Can I upgrade at a later date?

We are extremely flexible when it comes to upgrades. You can upgrade at anytime; the price is simply the difference between the package you’ve already purchased and the price of package you’re wanting to purchase.

Can I get help and updates?

All of our subscriptions packages will give you access to the latest updates and bug fixes.

Professional, Business, Agency and Enterprise contain our complete support and maintenance package. On top of updates and bug fixes, you will have unlimited access to our Developer Support Team who will personally answer any queries and questions you may have.

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